Letter From the late Elder Vinchee to Philosoffer

Professor Terry Clark, with his research team at Sussex University, is working to develop quantum circuits that will replace the microchip. Success will allow the construction of computers which might become as powerful as the universe and machinery that will operate a million times faster than anything physicists currently dream of. All of this may be made possible by a Squid! (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device)
If you are able to imagine a computer that will calculate at the speed of light you may be able to guess at the discoveries which could follow.

The Professor explains: “We know in principle what this quantum technology could do, but not in practice. If it works, the jump will be like that from the abacus directly to the electronic computer.”

From our resting point here I am allowed to tell you patronizingly that the infinity of the universe is not only in its magnitude but in its reducible features also.
All of us here who in our temporal existence were enthralled with scientific matters now thrill at the speed with which those now engaged in their life’s work in the field are making progress.

It may be strange for you but it is necessary, that you should know that the nature of your free will is such that the actual uses to which you will put all your acquired knowledge is hidden from us here. All we know is the potential of it. In this way your discoveries are an intrinsic part of our everlasting joy.

Forgive me for reminding you of your limited understanding of quantum mechanics on earth contained to the known particles reaching you there, or which may be collected in space by the limited means available to you. Your knowledge has a long way to go yet!

I told you not so long ago about slow glass with a capability to reduce the speed of light by a factor of a billion or so. There has been quite a bit of interest in that and although I know some of you readers would like a simpler explanation the following is the best I can do at present without giving anything away so here goes:-

Light is tuned to resonance with some atoms which should absorb the light. With the use of some clever atomic physics however, a beam instead puts the atoms into a state in which they cannot absorb the light.
The slow speed of light is the time it takes for the atomic state to propagate through the cloud of atoms which are in a Bose-Einstein Condensate which is an extremely dense low temperature collection of atoms.

It may not be long before your researchers will achieve a breakthrough in the continuing experimentation which will produce startling results so watch this space.

I have so much to write to you about but it will have to wait as I have to attend a Heavenly banquet now and they seem to go on forever!