Another Letter from the late Elder Vinchee to Philosoffer


Please share with me a moment of spiritual joy by imagining that in your world there exists no nought or zero.

Where and who then, would you be today?
Would you be nowhere and nobody?…………… Believe me you would!

Starting at the beginning you would not be reading this. ‘Good’ you say. Well I can take that, for unlike you I have no bones that sticks and stones… etc..!
But just in case you need to ask why, let me tell you that it is because it was typed and transmitted on and through the web, which relies on the zero as a life force for its very being.

No zero would mean no negative and no positive, for each requires a starting point when it ceases to be one or the other doesn’t it?
So no electricity? No boiling point! and no mathematics!
Alright! You and I know that this is hypothetical nonsense because the laws of Physics were established at the moment the Universe came into being. They became naturally related to planet Earth when its matter was becoming a conglomerate.
Yet the route to the discovery of those laws was no easy path and is still far from complete. Take it from one who knows.
The problems they pose are due entirely to the entry of homo (and mulier) sapiens into the scheme of things and result from his or her propensity to ask the question ‘why’, as they face the unfolding conundrums of their existence.
No doubt in some cave at some time a domesticated hunter-gatherer may have asked of her outdoors!
“For how long should I cook this brontosaurus leg love?”
Well you have come a long way since then.
Archimedes is always saying to me and the others, how embarrassed he feels about having said ‘Eureka’ as though it were the last word in scientific discovery.
I tell him to relax as there are already at least 1,420,000 web pages on earth to be found by anyone just googling that one word!
Although there were many theoretical mathematicians from the earliest times of human reasoning,it was only about two thousand years ago out of the approximate thirteen billion before, that the zero was brought into mathematics and humankind was able in consequence to crash into deeper areas of knowledge and understanding.
So keep at it the rewards will be enormous.
To end on a lighter note some of you might wonder how we already here deal with eternity. Well we debate little things like the following:
Suppose one of you wants to run the length of a racetrack but there are an infinite number of gods with the following intentions: the first god intends to paralyze the runner if he reaches the halfway mark; the second intends to paralyze him if he reaches the quarter mark; the third if he reaches the one-eighth mark; and so on. Now he cannot even start running for to do so would violate the intentions of an infinite number of gods. However, it is not clear why he cannot start running, for until he does, no god has actually paralyzed him.