You were invited to dwell on this excerpt

Wisdom 13:1-9

Naturally stupid are all men who have not known God
and who, from the good things that are seen, have not been able to discover Him-who-is,
or, by studying the works, have failed to recognise the Artificer.
Fire however, or wind, or the swift air,
the sphere of the stars, impetuous water, heaven’s lamps,
are what they have held to be the gods who govern the world.
If, charmed by their beauty, they have taken things for gods,
let them know how much the Lord of these excels them,
since the very Author of beauty has created them.
And if they have been impressed by their power and energy,
let them deduce from these how much mightier is he that has formed them,
since through the grandeur and beauty of the creatures
we may, by analogy, contemplate their Author.
Small blame, however, attaches to these men,
for perhaps they only go astray
in their search for God and their eagerness to find him;
living among his works, they strive to comprehend them
and fall victim to appearances, seeing so much beauty.
Even so, they are not to be excused:
if they are capable of acquiring enough knowledge
to be able to investigate the world,
how have they been so slow to find its Master?

One interesting response was…!

I am not an agnostic, they are merely god fearing atheists.
You may think I need help when you believe in a book that contains talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks that turn into snakes, people walking on water, food falling from the sky and all sorts of magical absurd stories. I don’t think I am the one who is stupid or that needs help.

This correspondent misses the point that it contains a concise message for everyone to examine closely it’s relevance in their own lifetime .
We know today that a Christian life is well defined and no worse for the those writings of an earlier time in expectation of the Messiah, which Jesus Christ fulfilled to the letter.